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Monday, April 17, 2006

Miss Me Much?

It's only been a month. That's not TOO long is it? Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough. Want the recap? No? Well too bad.

I briefly dated a woman last month. The 3-week "experiment" went horribly wrong somewhere around date five. I'm not sure if it was the booze or my hearing, but it's not safe to make comments that sound anything like "How many kids should we have?" when I've been drinking. I have nothing against kids. I may even have some someday. But now is most definitely not the time to bring it up.

I'm juggling three (active) bands now. No more of the "well, we might get together 3 weeks from now..." crap. I have rehearsals at least 3 days a week. Which, also means I’m drinking at least 3 days a week? And I have no problems with this whatsoever.

(On that note, if the wonderful women who offered to be groupies are still kicking around and *might* just be interested, please contact me and I'll let you know of any upcoming gigs. I'd post them here, but I'm trying to keep this as anonymous as possible...not that anyone reads this in the first place.)

I've started a little side business out of my back room that is off to a slow-but-steady-start. I'll know whether it's worth the time/effort in about 6 months. I think I've over-analyzed every cent that I've spent getting this up-and-running. Who knew I could be so anal?

I'm house-hunting again. I'm looking uptown this time. I think an inner-city loft would be a wonderful place to live. If you know any reasons why I should/should not do this, please offer your opinions. I'd love to hear them.

Work has slowed down a bit. But this could just be the calm before the storm. We have a full upgrade (application/server/database) coming up this summer...and we're already behind schedule. Looking like June/July is gonna be REAL fun.

And that is my life in a nutshell right now. Things are still really busy, but I feel like they are more consistent than they were before. Life isn't catching me off-guard like it did earlier this year. So, with any luck, I may post more frequently than I have these last few months. How'd that be?


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