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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gone? Not Quite (but I'm Considering It...)

It's been so long since my last post that I don't even know where to start. I'd like to say how great things are going and how wonderful life is. It'd defintely be a nice change of pace from the usual. Let's say things are on a even keel. Right now.

I'm not terribly overworked like I was at the end of last year. Things are grinding alone. I think they're just storing up for the February thru March onslaught that I'm expecting.

The band sitation is changing daily - at last check I was in two (but that may have changed while I was typing this). And just to keep up I practice 3 instruments times a week.

I've forgotten sex for at least the last month (5 weeks and counting). Dry spell maybe. Maybe I just lost the inspiration. Somehow that doesn't seem very high on my list of priorities. Am I ill? I don't feel sick, but that never means sh!t.

Could have something to do with my current "homebody" status. I'm going to sleep early (before 10pm) and waking up at 4:30am. Just 'cause. Keeps the gym empty and the commute nice and quick. And that has helped reduce my strees quotient.

I'd like to say I'm maturing, but I think I'm just getting old. Next I'll be b*tching about my fiber and those damn teenagers. Crap. When the hell did this happen??? I didn't approve this!!!


At 12:25 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger Princess Steph said...

are we living parallel lives?

get out of my head.


At 3:12 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger Stairwell said...

Are we? Crap, now I have that Phil Collins song stuck in my head. "We can't go on....holding onto time...." >p

I'm not in your head (believe me, my sex life would be better). You get out of mine.


At 9:19 AM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Princess Steph said...


At 12:13 PM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Stairwell said...

So by that you mean you're agreeing with me? Now I'm really depressed. ;)

At 12:28 PM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Princess Steph said...


this has been the week from hell, i think we should all take tomorrow off and drink all day, are you in?!?!?!

At 1:56 PM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Stairwell said...

I'm in. When, where and what time is too early to start?

'Cause I'm thinking tomorrow's the exception and I should be able to start drinking before noon.


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