Can't Put A Good Book Down

I sit alone everyday you know, sitting on the stairwell eating my lunch, reading a book. What about you?

Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm Not Dead Yet

It has been a day. I've been bouncing between training, regular work, testing, and other assorted odds-and-ends since 8am this morning. I've had short 10-20 minutes pauses when I've been browsing, but it looks like most everyone is having days just like mine.

On the plus side, it's Friday. I plan on cleaning the home this weekend, possibly catching some friends down on Greenville and probably watching some sporting events at some point this weekend. Oh and I almost forgot, drinking....heavily. My brain aches right now and only a nice, cold beer is going to make it feel better.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

All Hell's Breaking Loose!!!!!

This morning's lovely traffic jam.....My "low tire pressure" light going off (never seen one, took me 10 minutes to find it in the manual, then another 15 airing up the tires - my compressor is a little weak).....Running into my boss on the way in (40 minutes late and 100 minutes later than usual).....Looking disheveled on my way into the office and seeing the gorgeous contractor right outside my office (we smiled, but I sure she was thinking what bear did he get into a fight with).....And finally sitting down and answering the 25 emails, 10 voicemails and 2 meetings (one missed, one just a couple minutes late).

So after all that, I'm going to take a breather and just say the Stars rock, that 10 minutes of Lost I saw last night might actually get me to commit to watching it (now if someone could just fill me in on the rest of the episode), and, if I'm not mistaken, the Smallville season premire is on tonight. (Yes, I'm going geeky this week - I'm well aware thanks)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Um. I Need a Judge's Decision on This One...

Coworker borrowed my iPod yesterday (I had training, wasn't going to use it). She just returned it and left me with a note saying: "Chicago? Rent? Jackopierce? Pet Shop Boys? Are you trying to tell me something?"

This my be the first moment that I've questioned my listening preferences. Of course, she doesn't mention my Chemical Brothers, Wilco, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Sinatra, Nirvana, or Radiohead, but apparently, I'm supposed to be narrow-minded in my musical pleasures. Screw questioning. Now I'm kinda irked. I like my music dammit. Who are you to question me?!?! >P

Well F*ck It All To Hell

I guess I missed the rest of the Dylan documentary. Worked until nearly 10:30 trying to save someone's butt from the execution squad. Ended up at home watching my new Evil Dead 2 DVD and drinking most of a Yellow Tail merlot. Does that sound like a party or what?

I'd say I'm going to do something tonight, but my rate of self-disappointment is way too high right now. Let's just say I'm going to leave here, grab a Subway, and watch tv. That way, anything more is an improvement.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down....

Did anyone watch part one of the Bob Dylan documentary on PBS last night? (I still didn't feel well enough to go out) I was fantastic. And, eventhough I'm feeling much better today, I'm gonna watch the 2nd part tonight before heading out for anything. Scorsese directed it. And the stories and the footage are fantastic. It really is more about the times than Dylan himself. Fascinating stuff. Really.

That's all I have for now. Have some "make-up work" to get finished before I can chat more.

Update: Just when you think you have it all figured out, someone goes and throws a curve ball. Or three. Work just did a 720 with a blunt fakie and a 540 nosegrab tail tap. My resposibilities have been shifted to a whole other galaxy. I will spend the next few weeks in training while still working my 40+ a week job. So, if I seem kinda anti-social, don't be offended. 1/2 my body will be working; the other half will be training (and a tiny >1% will be praying for death, sex or beer).

Monday, September 26, 2005

Still Not Sane....

Updated post: I posted something I wrote yesterday by accident. Guess it didn't post yesterday. Moved that down a bit. Sorry 'bout that.

Still feel like ass. But the meds have made it possible for me to drag my ass to work today. I'm hiding in my office, but I will survive somehow. Enough medications in me to put the delirium into effect. Maybe i'll just keep my "Mute" button on for those meetings (to be on the safe side).

Nothing much more to say. Hope everyone is doing better than I am.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

*Cough* *Cough* ACK!!!

I'm sick. Been sick for the last 60+ hours. I ate more soup this weekend than I've had in the last 3 months. My chest hurts, I can't stop sneezing/coughing, my head feels like a balloon, and I swear someone put an ice chest under my bed 'cause I have not been able to warm up. The good part is my fever never topped 101 so no emergency rooms for me. To be honest, it feels like I have mono all over again (except for the lack of a sore throat). My meds are helping, but I can't seem to kick this one as quickly as I normally would (I'm the king of the 24-hour bug).

I'm feeling a little better today (at least enough to check my emails and post this), but I'm going back to bed soon. Thank God for large DVD collections. I've watch the entire Monty Python's Flying Circus plus a few brainless flicks. To be more accurate, I played most of those then watched bits and pieces between various naps. My plan is to "watch" The Life Aquatic..., Heaven Can Wait and Unfaithfully Yours sometime today (I'm a HUGE Criterion fan which makes me a huge movie snob as well), but we'll see. If I have to think, all bets are off.

I promise to get better. I wish I had better news. Actually I wish I was in perfect health, partying my ass off, and hanging with the beautiful ladies. But sometimes things don't go as planned. "Some other time"

PS - Seems my illness kept me away for the Kutcher/Moore wedding as well. Eh, never cared much for them anyway (so will this stop coming up as a MAJOR news flash, please!!!)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Plan on Shackin Up This Weekend

Nasty weather and all. The question is how do I find someone to shack w/ me for 48 hours? These are those moments you need a FB.

Alt-Country REVOLUTION, Baby

Had a blast last night at the hole-in-the-wall bar I ended up in. The band there played two types of music: Country and Western. A nice change of pace for the Ellum "noise." Unfortunately, the place was dead. I think a total of 20 people were in the bar the whole night. And that's including the staff. But when they offer $1 drafts till 11, then $2 drafts after that, it's hard to walk away.

Talked to the band between sets and we compared notes and discussed possible future ventures together. Not that I want to go country, but maybe an off-shoot for fun. Could happen.

Wrangled my way home around 2am. Watched some of Sin City, but was too exhausted to finish it. Finally crashed around 3. Feeling a little sting today, but I'll survive. I always do.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just Cause

"Es war um 1780
Und es war in Wien
No plastic money anymore
Die Banken gegen ihn
Woher die Schulden kamen
War wohl jedermann bekannt
Er war ein Mann der Frauen
Frauen liebten seinen Punk

Er war Superstar
Er war populär
Er war so exaltiert
Because er hatte Flair
Er war ein Virtuose
War ein Rockidol
Und alles rief:
Come on and rock me Amadeus

Baby baby do it to me rock me
Baby baby do it to me rock me
Baby baby do it to me rock me"

I Guess I Just Lost Track of Time

Was gonna go out last night. Had plans to meet some friends at Duke's. Unfortunately, in the course of eating dinner, drinking beer and getting ready, I happened upon a Dallas Stars pre-season game and just forgot the time. Let me say that one more time for effect....A DALLAS STARS PRE-SEASON GAME!!!!!

I'm sooo happy my hockey is back is could just burst! How come no one told me of this? I'm just glad I only missed the first 3 minutes of the first period. I called my friends between the first and second periods to let them know that I'd catch up to them afterwards. Of course, after 3 periods of beer, beer and more beer, I felt more like going to sleep than going out. So I called cancelled and went to bed with a smile on my face.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Coulda Been a Contenda...

Jamie Cullum's Twentysomething is fantastic. The moods are wonderful. I happened to catch him on an episode of ACL and was intrigued. It's just Sinatra/Connick Jr. had a rebellious son. Sometimes he plays straight and sometimes he goes completely into the deep end. You must listen. Just get a taste here.

That Icky Feeling (Again)

Still fighting it. Might be why I haven't posted anything of interest the last couple of days. Or the fact that I've done nothing interesting the last few days. Just taking some "me" time to get over whatever this ailment is and do some things for myself.

Been doing quite a bit of songwriting. I have a couple of songs I'd like to post and see what y'all think (but I'm not sure how to go about that). I also have a painting that I'm very proud of and will photograph after it drys (and I find a camera). Other than that just reading and sleeping when I'm not working my arse off. It's not even noon and I'm completely beat. Can't imagine how I'd feel if I made it to the gym this morning. *sigh*

Hitting a Little Too Close to Home...

"You're the lucky one, always havin' fun.
A jack of all trades, a master of none.
You look at the world with a smilin' eye,
and laugh at the devil as his train rolls by.
give you a song and a one night stand,
and you'll be lookin' at a happy man,
Cause you're the lucky one."

Songs listened to since I posted that:
"It's a Sin"
"Master and Servant"
"Dear God"

There's relevance here, but I'm missing it. Probably better that way. I don't feel like being introspective today.

Monday, September 19, 2005


HPB had a 20% off sale this weekend and I totally forgot. Oh well. Let's just agree that I wouldn't have found anything good and leave it at that.

Some music notes:
  • Stevie Wonder can always make me feel better. Especially anything he recorded before 1975. Makes me want to dance.
  • Who is this Gavin Degraw fellow and how come his acoustic versions are hella better than the original recordings?
  • Marvin Gaye or Barry White? Which is better for romantic moods? My vote is for Marvin.
  • Why don't banjo players get as much tail as guitar players? Does this apply in places like Nashville as well? Just curious.
Some random notes:
  • I saw a picture of Eva Longoria that actually made me less interested in her. I didn't think this was possible. Jessica Alba is still smoking.
  • To you driving that blue 97 Mustang this morning, just wanted to let you know that I seriously considered driving you off the road. If my car wasn't so new, I would have. Keep driving like that and you'll get us all killed asshole.
  • Still missing the Angelina Jolie mystique. Can someone explain this to me? I just can't bring myself to find her attractive. This goes double for Cameron Diaz. Maybe it's just me.
  • eBay killed me this weekend. I lost every auction that I was bidding on. Just goes to show that some people just don't bother finding out how much something is worth before bidding. I know 6 eBay users that were taken for a ride this weekend. Morons.
Oh, and one last note, two things that can make up for mediocre looks in a woman: an accent and musical ability. Combine the two and I'm putty in your hands. Even if you look like Bob Geldof (well, maybe not that bad, but close).

The Coffee is I.V.'d...

...and I'm still struggling to function. I think (if I did the math right) that I barely topped 10 hours of sleep this weekend. I'm on my third cup of coffee and nada. Will you promise to nudge me if I fall asleep? Thanks.

I have more to tell, but typing that was an effort. Maybe in a bit.

Update #1: I just realized that today is Monday. Monday = meetings, lots of them. Oh God I'm toast.

Update #2: I think I hit a wall. Is there any illness going around? I can't tell whether I'm just worn out from the weekend or I'm getting sick.

Updates #3 & 4: Screw it. The medication is kicking is so I'm feeling much better, but the sh!t hit the fan and my death wouldn't get me out of the office today. Time to buckle down and curse a lot. F**K!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Well Ain't That a Pisser

Hit three bars..count 'em 3...and each one was as dead as the next. Was there an epidemic in town last night or something? Did they re-enact Prohibition? I knew I shoulda gone to Ellum. But no, I took the easy way out and headed to Addison. At least in Ellum I would've been guaranteed live music, even if the scene was dead. F*ckin 'burbs. I'm a city boy. Screw it. Tonight I'm going to Ellum.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm Not Much of a Margarita Drinker...

...but I really want one now.

I guess I could maybe. I've wrapped up those projects that I've been slaving all week over. Now I'm just waiting for responses. I doubt anyone would miss me. Would that be so wrong?

Whatever Happened to My Mojo?

When I finally left last night around 10:30, I opted to go home and play guitar rather than head out and socialize. So I popped a beer, plopped down on my couch and performed Wilco songs all night (well, at least until 1:00, then I crashed).

There's something I like about the quiet, alone time. And I seem to enjoy it more and more. It brings a certain peace with it. Reflection, contemplation, relaxation, etc. Definitely makes sleeping a whole lot deeper.

To top it off I had a beautiful dream. One of those that pulls out emotions that you'd pretty much passed off as dead. I was so in love this morning the apocalypse couldn't take the smile off my face. I felt happy and healthy and wanting to live every new day because of this woman in my life.

Then I woke up, looked around and rose out of bed. And my heart actually mourned.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Sun Has Gone Down...

...and guess who's still at work. DAMMIT!!!!!! Waiting impatiently for God to smite me just for the heck of it. At least then I'd be allowed to go home.

Drink one for me. Since I doubt I'll get the chance.

I'm Ebay'd Out

I'm going rest my eyes, curse those who outbid me, and plan my next failed conquest. It sucks to have money to burn and nothing to spend it on. (Not that I have THAT much money to burn, mind you. Just enough to get what I want to get)

Tonight I'm drinking. Screw sleep and all that jazz. I need a beer, a shot and some poor conversation. Maybe a trip to Guitar Center just to goof around as well. Yeah, that'll make me feel a little better.

Just because: "Girls who want boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls who do girls like they're boys. Always should be someone you really love."

eBay, Such a Cruel, Cruel Mistress

I'll be busy for the next 24 hours. I'm eBay lurking. Watching. Waiting. I have a laundry list of items I'm watching that somehow managed to hit simultaneously.

And if I get a certain three items, then I could feasibly skip sex for the next six months and not miss a beat. To steal a line, "I want them, I need them, I love them." Keep your fingers crossed 'cause this is a big one.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yep, It Was Monday.

Well, last night was a wash. I was hoping to try and make it out for some poker, but work called on the way home last night. I ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat then returning to the office until nearly midnight. Thought about going out for a quick one afterwards, but decided I'd rather rest up and trek out tonight.

I did get to read the football game from my computer. If you saw the game and thought it was boring to watch, imagine reading it. Yeah. Why can't I watch television from my internet connection yet? If they're streaming movies and what not, why can't I watch tv?

I may or may not have a gig this weekend. We're on standby 'cause the club hasn't heard back from one of the bands. I should know more by tomorrow. I'm itchin' for some playing time. We've been in hibernation for too long. I'm ready to stretch my wings a bit.

Addition (not worth a whole new post): How bad is it that I read this article and started salivating?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Dammit All to Heck!

AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! Blogger lost my post!!! BASTARDS!!! I've been attempting to post for the last 2 hours.

Alright. Quick recap 'cause I'm not typing all that again. Good music, decent sex, shopping, DVD/PS2 entertainment, chores, and a sweet new ride. I'm happy.

(I may attempt to type it again, but I doubt it)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Potpourri - a.k.a. Brain Dump

On a completely unrelated note - football season is finally back on! Now I have an excuse to start drinking before noon on weekends. Before it just looked sad; now it legitimized (is that even a word?).

"beer, beer, the magical fruit...."

Remember that children's book Where the Sidewalk Ends? I think I may have found one end of it. It might just be time to turn around and walk the other direction.

What is the appeal of ivy growing up one's house? Does it help with anything?

How many more Ford Expeditions are going to be purchased? And is there something in the purchase agreement that you must drive down 75 every morning while talking on a cell phone? Counted 7 this morning. I sh!t you not.

So who *really* figured "It" out? I think the French get too much credit. I think it has to lie somewhere in the India/Southeast Asia contingent. Just don't know where. What I do know is that Americans think they're better than they actually are. And nothing brings that to the forefront quicker than divorces. The stories I've heard....whew!

A bagel. I'm craving a bagel. I don't even like bagels all that much. Maybe I'm pregnant. Maybe I'm just a few cards short of a deck today.

Has It Really Been That Long?!?!

How bad is it that you're so busy you don't realize that you've "gone without" for over a week??? Shouldn't I be dissolving right now? Why didn't it fall off?

And I didn't even seem to care (at least, not until the thought crossed my mind). Now I'm almost obsessed. Somebody quick! Give me something else to think about!!! I have work to do people! Can't be distracted by something as primative as this.

This will be remedied this weekend. It would if I went out a little more and stopped worrying about cars and bands and such. And since it's Friday, I'm already planning my evening accordingly.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Can't Believe It!!!!

I think I may have finally settled on a new car. I'm not going to go into too much detail (in case I jinx it), but I think I might have a dealer coming in at a price that I like. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I should know something by this weekend.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Only Slightly OCD...

Pix got me thinking. And thinking. Then thinking some other things that were completely unrelated to what I'm about to talk about.

Quirks. Everyone has them. The real question is "Do you realize that you have them?" The simple ones are easiest. I have patterns. Lots of patterns that completely throw off my mojo when not followed. The way I take showers, my dental care, the first things I do in the morning, the last things I do before I go to sleep, etc. I think the majority of people follow these. It just makes life a little simpler to follow patterns.

Then there are the ones that aren't so obvious. The ones that we suspect are there. The ones that we know are there, but don't want to admit. I have this thing about my fingers. I want them smooth and perfect. This includes my nails. And being a musician, my fingers take a certain amount of abuse. This is a no-win game that I will continue to play for the remainder of my life (or until, God forbid, artritis kicks in and I can't play music any more). I don't have any desire to change it, but it does not go unnoticed.

Why do I bring this up? 'Cause I'm fighting one of my quirks today. I know that I have to do it, but sumbich if I'm not going to go down without a fight. I need a haircut, but my regular girl is out of town for two weeks. I can't wait that long so I'm settling for someone else. Someone unfamiliar. Someone who could either make or break the next few weeks of my life (ok, maybe that's a little overdone).

So if I get a little pissy the next few days (more than usual), you've been forewarned.

You Got a Problem With That?!?!

I've been listening to Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing." It's a freaking amazing song. Why does it not get the respect it deserves? Same goes for most of the Bee Gees catalog. Someone has to recognize this besides me. Anyone?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Have All the Sense of a Pineapple

I survived this weekend (almost). I'll a little under the weather today, but I'm blaming the copious amounts of food that were available this weekend. That and the enormous amounts of alcohol (tequila, I'm looking in your direction).

I have more to tell, but I'm having trouble focusing right now.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm Hankerin to Get Out of Here...

Seriously. I'm supposed to have a 3:00 meeting, but we're "supposed" to be excused early at 2:00. I skipped breakfast ('cause I'm an idiot like that) so I'm starving. I'm tired of getting updates on how horrible things are in NOLA. Watching the market is like throwing craps (except I think craps have better odds these days). And nothing good can come from me sitting here for the rest of the day.

And all I want to do is go to the rehearsal space with a 6-pack and play guitar for a while. Is that wrong? And it's not even noon?!?! Shit.

Dinner, a Game AND a Show

Last night was good. Dinner was typical family stuff - light conversation, a few gifts, catching up on all the family news. Nothing fancy.

But the football game was good and the catfight in the fourth quarter was worth the price of admission (free). Yeah, a catfight in the middle of a bar. I wish I could tell you how it started, but I only heard, "You bitch!" and then the scream announced the commencing of the fight.

The good part: You know in the movies when a bar fight breaks out and one table inevitably gets thrown to its side and all the drinks go flying in the air? Yeah, that can *actually* happen. It was like a liquor-flavored rainbow.

The bad part: It landed on the table next to us. We got a little splatter, but some poor woman got what looked like a LIT all over her white silk blouse. We had to stop her from jumping in the middle of the fight and kicking both of their asses.

The police were called, but the women were dragged out by some men that I assume were with them. So we all got the pleasure of giving some very brief descriptions to the officers. I'm just glad that up to that point I hadn't had much to drink (yet). Don't want to be sluring to an officer. Just a bad idea period.

Needless to say that pretty much killed the bar scene. Especially after the game ended. I thought about sticking around until the restaurant employees (i.e. the waitresses) wandered in, but that wasn't going to happen until around 1am and I was still beat from Wednesday's escapades so I tucked tail and headed home. Watched a little Sportscenter, then a little "special" movie, then went to sleep at a reasonable midnight. Nothing too exciting, but I have plenty of time this weekend to make up for it.

(update/sidenote: The Cure's "Why Can't I Be You?" is one of the coolest songs from the 80's. I've listened to it 10 times this morning. My next band is covering this song. I don't know how, but we're doing it.)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Who Knew HPB Could be a Turn-on??

On weekends it's your usual fare. Nothing much to bother me from my browsing. But apparently weekdays are when the cute, bookish women go to the bookstore. And you know they have a functional brain cell because they bothered going to HPB instead of one of the bookstore/coffeestore combos that ooze with pretention. Today there were two.

Typical emo/librarian look. Dark hair pulled back just enough that it could still sweep over the shoulder with a slight head turn. Dark eyes behind a nice, sophisticated pair of glasses. Flowing skirt that swayed into the body as she walks just so you can get a brief impression of her curvature. And a baby-tee that hung just low enough that no skin was shown, but with a curious lean or reach would expose the flat belly for all to see. And did I mention there were two?

I forgot a book that I meant to purchase. Had I dwindled a little longer I would've forgot my purchases altogether. Then, on the way out, I caught the eye of one and gave a polite smile and a wink and watched her grin and quickly return to the book she was looking at. Today is a good day.

I Want a MILKSHAKE!!!!

Seriously, I do. (and not the kind that brings all the boys to the yard, although that wouldn't be so bad either) I'm craving a milkshake, but I want a good one. Not some crappy Arby's garbage. Where can I get a fabulous milkshake? I want "$7 shake" kinda good. Any suggestions?

I'm Here. Probably Shouldn't Be, But I Am.

Partying on a Wednesday night usually isn't a problem. What makes it a problem is when you have 3 meetings the morning after (8, 10, 11:30). On the plus side, only one is in person. After the advil and the coffee, I'm almost fully conscious. Not sure how I survived that 8am meeting though.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm going out again tonight? Oh yeah. Glutton, baby. Just a glutton.