Can't Put A Good Book Down

I sit alone everyday you know, sitting on the stairwell eating my lunch, reading a book. What about you?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FYI ....

I'm reading your archives 'cause is depressing me. Just thought you should know.

Question For the Dallasites

Where is a good place in Dallas to watch a football game and drink? I was just talking about tomorrow night with a friend and we're kinda stumped on where to watch the game (since Addison is more about eating/drinking than sports). My brain has turned off. I can only think of two bars in Addison (and if you know Addison and it's 200,000 bars, that's really sad). Help me.

PS - Steph, "too much cologne" guy just walked by my office. I blacked out for a good 2 minutes. This could explain my poor brain activity.

Not That I Want to Put a Stop to the WW Conversation...

Cause my day just got that much better. I just realized that HNT is going to fall on a certain holiday. I may just have to celebrate this time around.

Know what else I love? Seeing spam addresses on my hit counter, but no spam in my comments.

Thank God today is off to a better start than yesterday. Who wants cake?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Know It's Impossible, But... is the merging of Friday the 13th, the Ides of March, and the Apocalypse. I'm running to stand still around here. I want a beer, a shot, and a gorgeous woman to ease my suffering. NOW!!!

Once my 8th meeting of the day is over this afternoon, I'm driving to the first neon beer sign I see. I've had better luck using darts to pick my winners at the race track.

I apologize for the negativity. I just needed to vent for a moment. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Recap (from comments)

NOTE: I'm stealing this from my comments 'cause I'm feeling lazy right now

[The date} went ok. Not great. She'd apparently had a wicked day at work and was completely out of sorts. She wasn't in the mood to go sit down at dinner so we ditched the plans, went to Main Event and played video games for 3 hours while munching on fries and nachos.

(I was a good boy) I returned her home before midnight. Saturday was quiet. Then she called me on Sunday night (2-day rule in effect I see).

Don't see this having much of a chance, but I did agree to go out again. We'll see. I'm keeping my options open.

BTW - NO CHICAGO!!! Some things (luckily) worked out over the weekend. I get to stay here in all this wonderful heat.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Do I Wanna? What the Hell. Why not.

Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, I'm going on a "date" tonight.

A buddy of mine has set this up. He guarantees it won't be a bust (I'm not making any such promises). A friend of his gf. His gf is pretty cool so there is potential. Unfortunately, I'll have to take the high road on this one (good behavior) or risk pissing off my friend (or actually his gf which would in turn piss him off). So I'm going to clean up nice, make sure I'm prim and proper, and be a *GASP* "gentleman" (ya! who knew!)

I figure a nice dinner, maybe something afterwards (depending on how well dinner goes). Must remember to avoid clubs, movies, excessive cursing, and sexual innuendo. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. I'd be safer.

What I really want to do is go to either the last night of the Asian Film Festival, "Matt and Ben" at TCU, or "Kill Bill Vol. 1" at the Inwood. But I'll save those for another time. Maybe the 2nd date. Priorities, man. I gotta have priorities.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

This HNT is Killing Me (not literally)

Everyone seemed to pull all the stops out this week. Guess the summer heat is starting to kick in to some serious disrobing. One of these days I have to get a camera to join in on the fun.

Of course, I'd have to remember that's it's Thursday before I left the house. And that there is the kicker. It takes at least two coffees and a swift kick to the head before I know my own name in the morning.

We're Gonna Score Tonight!

My ass aches. Do I have your attention now? Particularly my left cheek. No stairs today.

You see somehow I developed this craving to go bowling in the last week or so (may or may not have anything to do with a Grease 2 discussion). So last night, I called some buddies and rather that trolling the bars we went and knocked down a few pins.

I really should do this more often. We got to discuss life issues, drink a few pitchers, insult the hell out of each other for our bowling miscues. A good night. I even managed to crawl into bed before 1am. Will have to do that again sometime soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ya Know If I Spent More Time Here....

than over there (you) and there (and you), I might have more to say.

Changing topics (completely). I have a dry weekend coming up. No gigs, one party, probably only one rehearsal. You'd think I'd take the opportunity to relax. Get some sun. Take a dip. Spoil the ladies. You'd think.

No, I may be getting shuttled off to Chi-town for work. I'm trying to duck and/or dodge that if at all possible. I have things/people to do. I'm sure a beer is waiting for me somewhere in this town. I can't let them all down. I have responsibilities people. How come the company doesn't understand that?!?!

*sigh* And things were looking so hopeful. Maybe next weekend. Scratch that. Absolutely next weekend. I'm partying like it's my birthday ('cause it will be).

(As a side note: I love the way my slacks are fitting today. Just snug enough to hint at the goods, but loose enough not to offend anyone.

Only problem is they didn't fit this way before. Which means I screwed up a load of laundry recently. Damn, I hope nothing changed for the worse.)

Can't Talk Long...

Computer/server problems galore. My machine has the working speed of a Commodore 64 this morning. I have news. But it'll have to wait. Please be patient. Insult me if you have to, but don't call me a tease.

PS - I have come to the conclusion that women MUST have curves. Some displays last night reminded me too much of the Hiltons. I just can't dig on a skeleton. It's a thing with me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

OOT S-e-x

Some great things about OOTS:
1. No possibility of commitment
2. Spontineity of the situation is an added turn-on
3. Leaving before morning is assumed
4. Usually kinkier (less inhibitions)
5. When good, powers you up for the ride home

The not-so-great things:
1. If you get attached, you are screwed
2. The "don't know where they've been" rule applies
3. The possibility/probability of a husband/boyfriend showing up goes up drastically
4. This is the best opportuity for things to get "too kinky" (and yes there is such a thing and I'm very liberal on this)
5. When bad, you wonder why the hell you bothered

Monday, August 22, 2005

I Swear I'll Claim Insanity

It a knuckles-down, drag-out dog fight here. I got nerves popping up everywhere. I've been going toe-to-toe with superiors all morning. I don't like to make this a habit, but when they're wrong I have no choice. I'd like to chat more, but I have a conf call that is gonna blow this whole thing sky high.

btw - If this ends badly (which it shouldn't but they're starting to lose their cool), look for me in the unemployment line.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Shoulda....

Practice sucked. Unlike last week's where the stars were aligned and everything was right, last night was like a black hole sucked the life out of everything and I could only stand back and watch it happen. Seems the drummer is having girl issues, the guitarist is having work issues, and my issues are purely strees-related (the other two are just fine - lucky bastards).

I should've called it a night at 9 and met up with two lovely ladies, but my stubborness kept me forcing the issue. Next time I'm just calling it and going out to drink. It'll help me hang on to my sanity for at least one more day.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Need a Favor...

If anyone would be willing to slam my head in a door repeatedly until I blackout, could you call me? Somewhere a bar is calling my name. It says, "Have a drink. Maybe two. Maybe more than two. It'll dull the agony. You'll feel better. I promise."

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Want a New Car

And I'm going to get one. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out what yet. And I hate shopping for cars (unless I'm just having fun). Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Top 10 Things...?

I just read this article and I think I have most of it covered. I only question 7, 8 and 10. 10 because I have whole mess of cookbooks. I doubt I need that one. And 7 & 8 'cause I have jeans/shoes that cost plenty, but I can't see spending that much on jeans. Maybe the shoes, but they better make ME drool (not just the women).

And why don't they mention other "essentials"? Marvin Gaye (cause you gotta have "Let's Get It On"), protection (no explanation necessary), some nice, tailored attire (cause you need more than just torn jeans and a ringer tee), a stacked movie collection (for those "stay in" nights) and some plants (for decor and fresher air).

Did I do too far? Did I pull back the curtain too much? Do I care? Nah.

P.S. - They have a list for women too. I love how women need protection, but men don't. Kinda hypocritical, ain't it?

Can I Be a Slut?

I know it's not the norm for men to be considered sluts, but I'm really good at it and I think I'd be a fine candidate. Can I run on this platform?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Some Days.... seems like life is a MAC truck and somehow it managed to back up and park on top of you. I can almost see the tread marks on my back.

That's it. I'm drinking tonight. I think there's some sort of sporting event to watch. Anyone wanna join me?

I Thought I Had a Meeting...

..but then no one calls in. I'm not quite pissed, but I'm gonna make some trouble. I'm good at that. Nobody blows me off (unless I want them to).

Not Great, but Not Too Shabby Either

The weekend went like this...

Hung out with the guys. I needed to burn off a little steam from my work day (it ended on a bad note), but the fellas were more than happy to meet me for a happy hour (or 4). We debated heading out to Addison or Ellum. Somehow we ended up at the Dubliner where we talked, played the jukebox constantly and shot some darts. Low-key but good for the soul.

Swim/birthday party. Had a few beers before I had to hit the road, but it was nice to see a whole gaggle of people that I only see about 2x a year. Then it was off to the gig and Oh My what a wonderful gig. The private party had been stocked with booze (a keg and plenty of Maker's on hand) and someone had the foresight to stock it with beautiful women as well. Always a good night. We jammed through our set(s), then continued the carousing into the wee hours of the morning and all the way back to her place.

Sunday: Never slept. Went out to lunch around 2. Then ran some quick errands. Finally made it back to the casa where I managed to work my way through some laundry until I crashed around 8. Thank God I set my alarm clock beforehand.

Not as chaotic as most weekends, but not a bad one either.

Friday, August 12, 2005

6 Hour Rehearsal and Boy are My Lungs Tired

Marathon session last night. Started at 7 and went to 1am. I bounced between two practice rooms - playing with my band the first 4 hours, then filling in for some buddies who are still looking for a singer. My abs were aching when that was over. And that's after consuming at least 12 beers, mulitple shots of whisky, and inhaling (second hand) some "unknown" substance. You can imagine how they feel this morning.

I love jamming for that long. There's really nothing like it. You just lock in and go on and on and on. It's almost like an orgy. It just keeps building and building. And last night we were on a roll. I wish we'd recorded it. It could've been a great live album. Everyone was listening to each other and just feeling the music. Then, when you're done you just start to smile a big goofy smile 'cause you know that it was on.

It was a great night. I slept VERY well.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Want This... and This... and This...

Seriously. I have a birthday coming up. Someone must get me this...and this...and this. Otherwise I'm just gonna take my "birthday" money and get them myself. So >p.

Yes, I like Epiphones. So sue me.

You See the Problem is....

...when I'm bored, I shop. And I don't want to shop.

"...I don't think this is working out. I think you're great, but maybe we should just take some time off from each other. It's not you, really. It's me. It's only been six months..."

Good Lord. I'm been lowered to posting movie quotes for my amusement. Somewhere there's a Dewars with my name on it.

Will Someone Please Kill Me Now

I'm bored. Work is s-l-o-w....I need an outlet. Or something new to read. My office is 110 degrees and some network rewiring is going on over my head that is driving me insane. I knew leaving my iPod at home was going to kill me today. Dammit!

Drinking Like a Fish...

You'd think I'd grow up by now, but we had some mourning to accomplish last night. We drank and drank. Then we paused. Then we continued to drink. I'm certain ("more certainer") that I drank enough to cover both my friend and Pixel. And I'm sure that I added those tequila shots just for the heck of it.

Then we went to IHOP. Haven't been to IHOP at 2am in a long time. Still looked the same. Still smelled the same. Hell, I think even some of the other patrons were the same. Finally crashed somewhere around 4am. Then woke up this morning at 6 for work and I feel strangely fine. Which either means IHOP did the trick or in about 4 hours I'm gonna feel like roadkill. We'll see soon enough.

I did notice something interesting. How is it that women can sense that someone has been dumped? Seriously. Without any prompting from us guys, 3 or 4 women approached my friend out of concern. And they didn't even know him. Granted, at 1am they were probably well on their way to lalaland, but still. It was creepy. Can anyone explain this? Please? I'm dying to know the secret to this.

Next thing you know I'm gonna find out that women have been reading our minds since day one. Mindreaders I tell you!!! They know what you're thinking!!! Men are screwed!!! Surrender now and they MIGHT allow you to pretend that you have free will!!! It sure would explain quite a bit....

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall....

Well it looks like another alcohol-filled evening. Unfortunately, this time is not for celebration. My friend is getting divorced. He found out last night. And this is one of the ones that is supposed to last. Guess we all get thrown a curve ball from time-to-time.

If I'm not here tomorrow, remember me fondly. Cancel the caterer. Feed the dog. I'll be hiding under the covers. Yelling at the sunlight.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

And One More Thing...

I just posted over at the Princess' place and I need to further expound on my thoughts. You see men are idiots. And since I am one, I feel I have every right to have this opinion. I believe our geneological makeup is not quite as evolved as a woman's. Chemically we're a few atoms short of a molecule. We're only a few clicks away from hanging in the banana tree.

It's not our fault (entirely). I suspect it goes down to a basic makeup/DNA/RNA level, but, since I have absolutely no educational background in this subject, my theory holds no water. Just go with me on this.

Now I think if we males applied ourselves we could overcome a lot of our shortcomings, but we won't ever quite catch up. In fact, if we were just more "aware" or "in tune" with the things around us, it would be a huge leap in the right direction.

Unfortunately, there are things like cars, football, tee times and any large number of assorted interests that exist to distract us from this. None of us are immune. If fact, we may even NEED to be distracted. It would at least explain why Star Trek is so popular.

Maybe our chemical makeup can't effectively handle emotional strain. I've heard that men could never survive childbirth, our pain threshold is supposedly much lower than women. Could women call us pussies? Based on that? Yeah, probably. It'd be hard to argue.

Ever notice that we don't pick up on hints, clues, suggestions, etc.? I know women think this is intentional, but it's not. We're just not in tune with those sort of things. We like you to be direct. Tell us exactly how you feel, what you want us to do, what we did wrong. We lack the brain cells. Men are not Sherlock Holmes. We're more like Dudley-Do-Right. We mean well, but we don't have a lick of sense.

I'm not here to make excuses. We're dolts. I've accepted that. I don't like it and I'm trying to change it, but change takes time. And screwups. And I've had a ton of screwups (might explain why I'm single), but I'm trying to learn from them. I'm trying to force my own evolution. I'm trying to slowly walk away from the banana tree.

Note: this post is incomplete, but I want it out there so it can evolve as well

Everything, Plus Some

Did the gym, the game and the drinks. And still had time to ogle some guy's Lotus (although I couldn't con him into letting me test drive it - which was probably best for both of me and the car).

I'm gonna fight through today just to get to rehearsal tonight. Then, it's off to the dive for another late night of bar flies. I just hope the beautiful babies come out for the $2 drinks. I'm just a bit randy today. Just a bit.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I Need a Bottle of Scotch and a BJ Real Fast

I'm on edge. The gym has been calling, but I've been unable to answer the last 48 hours. I'll swing by for a while, then I'm going for drinks. Hell, I think there's even a football game on tonight.

Eight hours of work and my sin-sational weekend has been erased. Damn.

Has Anyone Else Tired of the One-Man Band with a Band Name???

I mean I think it has worn its welcome. Sad part is I usually like the bands (at least initially). But the Dashboard Confessional, Badly Drawn Boy, Aqualung, Iron & Wine, Deathray Davies (I say this counts so >p)...who else? I know I'm missing a few (hundred). Hell, I even considered doing the band name/one-man show thing at one time. Not now though. No, now I'm going to form a band and call it "Jack Smith."

Good God - the Cain/Hackman Theory Redux

Since day one I get confused when trying to sort out which is which between Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins. Both have that "girl next door" quality about them. Both seems like they can truly act when they want. And I wouldn't kick either of them out of bed (I'll admit I had a small crush on Perkins when I first saw "Big," but what kid didn't?).

Now they're in the same show. Let the cosmos implode. My brain has officially retired from thought for the day.

I'd Just Like to Thank...

Those parents that send their beautiful daughters to SMU. I love getting the drinks that you pay for. I love the "attention" that your daughters give. I love that I can work through a 2-gig weekend, only spend $10 on drinks (to be fair, I didn't go out on Friday night so that helped), and enjoy the company of some wonderful women.

Please continue to ignore all those odd sounding charges (Ginger Man, Dubliner, etc.) on your card. They're only being young and living life. And I'm only tagging along for a small part of the ride.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Let the Music Play On (Play On, Play On....)

I guess it's that time again. Stress is building. Work is ramping up and I'm gonna lose my hair. Time to stock up on Rogaine and hair plugs. The stress is so thing you can cut it. The environment seems to be hotter than ever. We've only just begun and the yelling/arguing has already started (doesn't usually kick in until at least mid-September). I'd get into the details, but I can't. Let's just say that some promises were made and those promises are about to be broken. Not intentionally mind you, just a lack of time/resources. The usual problem.

What I need is a nice beach, pina colada, and maybe a friendly cabana girl. Scratch that. Two cabana girls, an OPEN bar, and a PRIVATE beach. There. That's much better. If I'm fantasizing, then I'm gonna get everything up front.