Can't Put A Good Book Down

I sit alone everyday you know, sitting on the stairwell eating my lunch, reading a book. What about you?

Friday, July 29, 2005

Up All Night (As Promised)

Here's the list of b-movies from USA's Up All Night that I can recall watching as a kid (as I'm sure there are hundreds of others):

  • Nightmare on Elm Street (1, 2 & 3)
  • Private Resort (featuring a VERY young Johnny Depp - pre 21 Jump Street)
  • The Malibu Bikini Shop
  • Return of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead Part II
  • H.O.T.S.
  • Hollywood Hot Tubs
  • Private School
  • Angel and Avenging Angel
  • My Chauffeur
  • Tomboy
  • My Tutor
  • Private Lessons
  • Class of Nuke 'Em High
  • Reform School Girls
  • Valley Girl
  • One Crazy Summer
  • Toxic Avenger
  • Death Race 2000
  • Squeeze Play
  • The Allnighter
  • Student Bodies
  • Night of the Creeps
  • Creepshow
  • Halloween (1, 2, & 3)
  • Amazons
  • Sheena
  • Malibu Express
  • Prom Night & Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
  • Class
  • The Stud
  • Young Doctors in Love
  • Porky's
  • Preppies
  • Revenge of the Nerds
  • Joysticks
  • 976-Evil
  • The Gate
  • National Lampoon's Class Reunion
  • Meatballs (1 & 2)
  • Cheerleader Camp
  • Sleepaway Camp
  • Friday the 13th (parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • and last ('cause my head is starting to hurt) but not least - Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

BTW - I did need some help from IMDB to get the titles accurate. And I'm spent. Whew!

What Do You Get...

..a girl that's a friend, but not a girlfriend (but who may want that to happen sometime in the future even though you've made it very clear that you don't think of her that way), for her birthday? I'm thinking something simple, not too expensive ('cause that'd just be misleading), but nice. I've known this woman a long time and I consider her a very good friend.

Any help? Please? I'm begging here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

USA Up All Night

I may be dating myself a bit, but does anyone remember USA Up All Night? I was just thinking about the movie "Student Bodies" that parody of slasher films (which apparently is not available on DVD yet) and remembered the Gilbert/Rhonda 1-2 punch of really crappy movies. Since my parents didn't subscribe to HBO or Cinemax, this was the closest I got to softcore growing up. I'd rattle of a list of bad movies that I can remember, but I'm gonna save that for a little later (if I have time).

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I Vaguely Remember Saturday....

What a weekend. (Friday) Booze, Gig, Booze, Hooters, Booze, possibly sleep, (Saturday)rehearsal, booze, poker, booze, clubbing, booze, crash, (Sunday) work, booze, crash. That's the short version.

I don't want to get into the long version, but let me hit the highlights:
  • Easiest and best paying gig we've had in a while - the free beer didn't hurt either
  • Hooters waitress' phone number (not that I'm sure when I got it, but the guys reminded me who she was on Saturday)
  • Winning double what I came in with at the poker party (not that I came with much, but still double is double)
  • Ellum was actually interesting. Good shows (more or less). just hated paying to get into 3 clubs. That's quite the ripoff.
  • Completed my project 2 days early. I don't want to credit the hangover, but I have to credit something.
  • The remarkable feat that while I probably drank well over $200 this weekend, if my receipts add up right, I only spent about $60. Now that's what I'm talking about!
This week is looking to add up to pure torture. I have WAY too many things to complete by Friday and need to schedule some "me" time in there to work on a personal project that could get me one step closer to early retirement. Ah...early retirement - the dream is still alive.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Could've Used a Cognac

I did it. My creative gene kicked in last night. Arrived home early enough that I could paint on the patio (I'm convinced you have to have sunlight to paint - the colors are more vibrant that way) and managed the early stages of my latest masterpiece. While it's nowhere near complete, it does have some nice composition for so early in its development.

If that wasn't enough, I wandered over to the rehearsal space last night and cranked out 3 songs in a little more than 2 hours. One of them is 99% done. The other two, while not complete, should only need a little tweaking before they're finished.

I felt so accomplished I wandered to the watering hole and drank to my success. Unfortunately, I only had the barkeeps for company (who knew $2 Tuesday could drive the crowds AWAY). Will not recreate the drinking tonight. Have to get some rest for a change. I must, I must.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My Weekend Just Doesn't Stop...

I did everything I expected to do this weekend plus some. The "plus some" included finishing the Potter book, spending some time at the horse track, enjoying a nice dinner out Saturday night with friends, managing a complete once-over on my house cleaning and still had time for some lazing around on Sunday afternoon. Overall a pretty good weekend. Not much sleep, but it was productive.

This next one seems less involved. Gig Friday. Poker Saturday. The usual gym time in the mornings then pretty much nothing else. Maybe a Half-Price stop. Probably some grocery shopping. The rest is free time. Ah, glorious free time.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I Feel Like I'm Doing Something Wrong

Not naughty, mind you (not yet anyway). Just wrong. I read all of these blogs where people have lives, they get joy, they have pain, they do cartwheels on hope chests. Mine rants are always so "I had rehearsal," "I drank," "I have some light reading to do." I could possible qualify for the crappiest read on the Internet.

What I'd like to talk about is my newfound love of oil painting, my quest to compose music for the masses that is not only enjoyable but challenging, my desire to love and be loved in return, my quarrells, my vices, my aches and my triumphs. But, none of those have really found their way into my words (or in some cases into my life).

Where did that passion go? Did my 9-to-5 knock it out of me? Or (more likely) my barfly ways? I need to find a muse. Something/someone that inspires me to do great things. I had that once. Now where did I put it?

I'd Forget My Head If It Wasn't Attached

Rehearsal last night got a little out of hand. After Band #1 was done, I wandered down the hall to jam with some friends of mine. Unfortunately, some extra-curricular activites were going down, and, although I don't participate (far be it from me to stop someone else's pleasure), by contact (and beer) I lost track of time. After rolling in sometime after 4am, I managed to squeeze in just enough sleep to drag myself up this morning. Thankfully, I'm not feeling the repercussions (yet). I may be able to get through this afternoon.

Completely random thought (that has been bothering me since 3am this morning): Does anyone think that Jeff Buckley was influenced by Queen? Is it just me? If you haven't heard Buckley, you must. His voice has a sensual timbre that wraps you up and seduces you and always leaves you wanting more. Don't believe me? Listen to the last 45 seconds of "lilac wine" then get back to me.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

It Can't Be Boredom If You Don't Have Time to Sleep

Work has kicked into overdrive. I've been spending more time in meetings this week than I have at my desk. And there are no signs of it letting up. A couple nights this week I crawled straight home and punched up Glengarry Glen Ross on the DVD player just to get some rest (don't get me wrong, I love the movie, but all the dialogue helps me sleep for some reason. Hard Eight has the same effect).

I'm going on a crusade to not work after 8pm on weeknights. Dragging my exhausted self to the bar at 10pm just ain't gonna cut it. The social butterflies require at least 3 hours of glorious conversation and I hate to disappoint.

This weekend however, work will have to wait until Monday. In addition to the reading material arriving on Saturday, I have my eBay eyes watching some nice vintage keyboards, a few parties to attend, car/bike shopping, and plenty of band rehearsals. I gonna drive the 48+ hours between Friday evening to late Sunday night hard as nails. I figure I'll reserve the hours of 4am-7am for rest. That should be enough, right?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Need to be Committed

I'm beat. This weekend sucked every last ounce of energy from me. Not that I mind helping people move, but next time somebody says they're moving mid-July, I'm gonna let them know that the movers should have fun. I must've dropped 5 pounds this weekend (not that I had 5 pound to lose).

Plus, I only get about 3 days to recover 'cause this weekend starts on Thursday with some birthday festivities, then continues on through late Sunday night. Since I'm also trying to see the new Depp/Burton film as well as read the new HP (geeky, yes, but my addictive personality has firmly latched on and I'm not in a place to deny what the body/mind wants).

I'm planning on sleeping as much as possible tonight and tomorrow just to be prepared for this weekend. What should I figure? 8 hours a night should do it, right?