Can't Put A Good Book Down

I sit alone everyday you know, sitting on the stairwell eating my lunch, reading a book. What about you?

Friday, September 01, 2006

For No Other Reason....

I just needed to post (since it's been nearly two months since my last post). I don't know what I'm doing these days. August was a blur and September will probably be too. I'd tell you the stories, but it's not much different that before. Lots of things going on. Multiple projects. Except now I'm working on a few start-ups (yes, a FEW...) in a meager attempt to escape this corporate drain. I'm still doing the band thing except these days we rarely practice and never gig. I think I stopped sleeping about 3 weeks ago. Pretty much stopped drinking too. Only eat when my stomach is threatening to force itself out of my body and into the nearest McDonald's with or without me.

So that's about it. This has fallen so far down the list of my priorities, that it exists in an entirely different volume. Hell, I had to login 6 times because I couldn't remember my username OR password.

Weep for me (unless one of these startups pays for my early retirement. then you can cheer). And have a drink (or seven) for me as well.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Miss Me Much?

It's only been a month. That's not TOO long is it? Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough. Want the recap? No? Well too bad.

I briefly dated a woman last month. The 3-week "experiment" went horribly wrong somewhere around date five. I'm not sure if it was the booze or my hearing, but it's not safe to make comments that sound anything like "How many kids should we have?" when I've been drinking. I have nothing against kids. I may even have some someday. But now is most definitely not the time to bring it up.

I'm juggling three (active) bands now. No more of the "well, we might get together 3 weeks from now..." crap. I have rehearsals at least 3 days a week. Which, also means I’m drinking at least 3 days a week? And I have no problems with this whatsoever.

(On that note, if the wonderful women who offered to be groupies are still kicking around and *might* just be interested, please contact me and I'll let you know of any upcoming gigs. I'd post them here, but I'm trying to keep this as anonymous as possible...not that anyone reads this in the first place.)

I've started a little side business out of my back room that is off to a slow-but-steady-start. I'll know whether it's worth the time/effort in about 6 months. I think I've over-analyzed every cent that I've spent getting this up-and-running. Who knew I could be so anal?

I'm house-hunting again. I'm looking uptown this time. I think an inner-city loft would be a wonderful place to live. If you know any reasons why I should/should not do this, please offer your opinions. I'd love to hear them.

Work has slowed down a bit. But this could just be the calm before the storm. We have a full upgrade (application/server/database) coming up this summer...and we're already behind schedule. Looking like June/July is gonna be REAL fun.

And that is my life in a nutshell right now. Things are still really busy, but I feel like they are more consistent than they were before. Life isn't catching me off-guard like it did earlier this year. So, with any luck, I may post more frequently than I have these last few months. How'd that be?

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm Not Dead Yet...

...but after a few beers, you'd better check on me again. Work, music, know the drill. Frankly, this whole blog thing has completely lost my interest right now. Mostly 'cause things are changing and I'm just a little distracted by those changes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Just for the hell of it note: I crushing on a certain Russian skater. Not 100% sure why, but the legs could have something to do with it.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I Didn't Do Shit This Weekend...

You know how I know this? About 5 minutes ago I was trying to think of what I did this weekend, and all I could remember was washing dishes and doing my laundry. Sad. I can't even remember if I left the house.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Want Excitement??? I Watched the Grammys then Went to Sleep.

Pathetic. I coulda/woulda/shoulda done ANYTHING else. Not that the Grammys were bad, but criminey, how old am I?!?!

To top it all off, I just read that Barry Manilow has the #1 album in the country. That's 29 years between #1 records. And he outsold Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, and Eminem.

That's almost as impressive as Kelly Clarkson beating Paul McCartney, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, and Gwen Stefani for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Friday, February 03, 2006

While I'm Shooting Random Tidbits...

Round 2:

Today is Normal Rockwell's birthday (according to my HPB calendar). Ever wish you were back in Norman's times? When life was simpler, moved slower, and things rarely changed. Sometimes I do. Sometimes. Then I think how sexually repressed they were and wipe that thought out of my head ASAP.

I started a new painting last night. I want it to be an abstract. I thought I had an idea of where I wanted it to go, then I made a sharp left turn. Right now, it's floating in limbo. It's almost done, but I can't figure out what's missing. It needs something else. Any thoughts? (it's abstract, therefore your thoughts are as good as mine)

I need a haircut. I'll probably do that tomorrow. Just don't know what kind of cut to get. I'm looking pretty ratty these days. Any suggestions? I was thinking short and spiky, but I'm not so sure about that. Considering just getting a trim and waiting for the long-haired pony tail thing to grow in. Which leads me to my next point....

I've been feeling very bohemian lately. Painting, acoustic music, dabbling with a beard (which btw was a HUGE mistake that I remedied this morning), etc. Feeling very earthy these days. Whole Foods shopping - check. Candles/incense - check. I think I'm just trying to find myself (again). Hell, even the celibacy qualifies here. (although that's the part that I'm not so sure about)

And last but not least, the Super Bowl. Should be a good game. Good Lord, I hope it's a good game. I'm betting on Pittsburgh, but Seattle could pull one out. Really I don't care who wins. I just hope it stays close.

That's all folks. I must get back to the grind.